International Workshop
for doctorate students and young researchers

Activation of Building stock : Case study - Tama NewTown, Tokyo

Organiser : Tokyo Metropolitan University
Dept. of Architecture and Building Science, 4-Met Center
Date : Sep 25th - Sep 28th 2006
Venue : Inter-University Seminar House (Tokyo, Japan)

The 4-Met Center at Tokyo Metropolitan University will realise an
international educational programme for doctorate students and young researchers from various countries
in order to work together very intensively on this subject. The participants will be able to exchange
information and to share the solutions to common problems. The organiser hopes this programme will
help the young participants to develop their skills in communication and later, in thier professional careers.

Sep 25 Evening : Welcome party
Sep 26 AM: Introductions and Mr. Nicolas Buchoud's lecture on French experiences
Group presentation & discussion
Participants will work in groups during the workshop. A group will be composed by
2 or 3 Japanese and 3 or 4 participants from abroad.
Every group has one or two moderator(s), who will be Mr. Nicolas Buchoud, an experienced urban
planner from France, and the staff of Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Sep 26 PM: Visit Tama New Town, examine the target sites for proposals
Sep26 Evening: Summary of day's events
Sep27 AM: Group activities, make proposals for activation of the target sites
Sep27 PM: Feedback from participants
Sep27 Evening: Group activities, prepare for final presentation
Sep28 AM: Final public presentation
Every group will present a proposal as a result of group activities. Some guests will be invited to
give comments.
Sep28 PM: Farewell party & excursion
Further details will be given to participants before workshop.

Application guidelines
This workshop is open to anyone who;
- is a doctorate student or post doctorate researhcer with up to 3 years experience, living and studying abroad
- is very interested in activation of building stock and urban regeneration, and who specifically works in this field
- can communicate in English
- is willing to participate in the preparation programme to be held on the internet site before Sep 2006
- understands the purpose of this workshop very well and is willing to work with the students and the staff of Tokyo Metropolitan University in the future
- can make a 5 minute presentation about the actual condition of building stock or urban regeneration in his or her country

Participation fee
The organiser will offer to cover the cost of travel and accomodation expenses during the workshop.
However, meals will be paid for by participants.

How to participate in this workshop.....
Click here in order to get the application form, and please fill in and send it to the organising committee by the 10th June 2006 :
The paricipants will finally be selected at the begining of July.

Organising committee
Seiichi FUKAO (Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Director of 4-Met Center, Leader of the COE Programme)
Makoto TSUNODA ( Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Tohru YOSHIKAWA (Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Junko ABE-KUDO (COE researcj fellow, 4-Met Center)

Postal address:
Minamiosawa-2-2, Paore building 6F, Hachioji-shi, 192-0364 Tokyo, Japan
TEL: +81-426-70-8608
FAX: +81-426-70-8135